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Sabeeh ul Hassan is CEO of Amazon PPC Experts and running amazon ppc agency since 2014 while I have 11 years of solid background and experience in SEO and Digital Marketing.

I help clients to grow their businesses through SEO and paid search platforms. My core focus is on AdWords and Amazon Ads.

I run marketing for multiple small businesses (Generally SMBs, but at the $1m to $3m annual revenue level).


  • Amazon PPC (Build + Optimization) for Sponsored Ads and for AMS ads
  • Amazon Listing Optimization (Title, Content, Images, URLs)
  • Amazon PPC Campaign Optimization to Increase sales
  • Amazon Products Promotion through Social Media Marketing.
  • Listings Brand Enhancement Content
  • eCommerce AdWords Optimization, Google Search Ads, Display Ads and Retargeting.
  • SEO for any online business
  • Facebook Paid Advertisements

How I Got Into PPC

I honed my PPC skills with many multinational Digital Marketing Agencies and improved my skills of SEO and PPC.

Now I work freelance for clients, helping them to make more $ online. I have huge portfolio and success on Upwork. Due to work load I have hired multiple professionals and we work as a team and managing various projects.

And stay up to date by constantly testing new ideas, chatting with fellow performance marketers, and through my industry contacts.

Let Me Help Your Business

I’m confident I can use these same techniques to grow your business. I have made my clients No.1 Sellers in their business category and increase their sale from three figures to 6 figures.

Providing free consultancy for analysis of amazon campaigns. Contact now